A Letter to My Childhood Self

Dear Rilzy,

There is magic in childhood.  In a couple years you will become tainted by the knowledge that the world is not a perfect place. It is often times cruel and unfair. That’s just life and you will get used to it but darling enjoy these years of freedom.

I now know you spent most of your days well. Although you got yourself into a lot of trouble trying to keep up with the boys remember that despite the punishments you will receive, it will  all still be worth it. Well most things . Remember that time when you decided to play kitchen in the bathroom sink using up all of  your cousin’s shampoo and body wash along with bleach? That will most definitely not be worth the trouble you got into.

Spend more time with your grandmother. I know it’s an exciting world out there and you’d much rather hunt crabs, fish and occasionally try your luck on riding a donkey. And I know it seems like granny will be around forever but when you turn seven she will die and although it will take you years to fully grasp what death really means, it will tear you up. In fact, sometimes even now you’ll cry when you remember her.

Learn to swim! For goodness sake, you will be mocked in years to come for growing up on an island with 365 beaches and not being able to even doggy paddle. You’ll save yourself a lot of embarrassment if you just didn’t resist your family’s unique method of teaching kids to swim.

Eat more! Okay, I know that you ate like a horse. But trust me – eat more. In about fifteen years you will not run, jump or skip nearly as much as you used to. There won’t be many games of Hide and Go Seek, Freeze A Man, Rounders or (badly played) Cricket – you know what that means? The burgers, fries, rotis, ducana, chocolate cake, macaroni pie, pork chops and fungee which were destined to go to your thighs – will go to your thighs. Don’t worry … your young adult self with fall in love with boxing and hopefully manage to keep the fat off. But please enjoy the benefits of an active childhood while you can.

Pay attention. I know you have lots of life to live and lots of world to put your Rilzy shaped footprints on. I’m just going to need you to pay some attention. You see, in a couple years your young adult self will look back at your childhood fondly. A lot of the moments are a bit fuzzy but these snippets are precious. I’m grateful for the things you’ve tucked away to the back of our brain for safe keeping like the time you convinced yourself that your neighbour was really a child kidnapping clown and constituted yourself as Nancy Drew to get to the bottom of it. On the upside your overactive imagination will serve your well from around the age of seven… you’ll discover words and decide that one day you’ll be an author.

So continue with your days of pointing out images in the clouds and drawing in the sand. Don’t be afraid to get your feet scratched and your hands dirty. Also remember that when you climb trees as often as you will… you are bound to fall out a couple of times. But if you forget everything else I’ve written, remember this. Hold on to every wondrous, precious moment of this stage because every laugh, every scratch, every bruise, every memory will make you into who you are today. Let me let you in on a secret … you didn’t turn out too badly. :)



Your Young-Adult Self


P.S — It is not, and will never be, a good idea to drink hot sauce from the bottle. It doesn’t matter if you were quadruple dog dared.