Best Bad Decision (or Foreplay in 600 words).

Lily Wescott couldn’t remember there ever being a time when she didn’t want to jump Garret O’Connor’s bones. At eight she wasn’t quite sure what jumping bones meant but she couldn’t deny the butterflies that took flight in her stomach whenever her best friend’s ten-year-old brother was around. At thirteen those butterflies took flight much lower down her body. At twenty-eight, as she stared at him across the room, she had to clench her legs together to stop the discomfort that brewed between them.

Photo Credit:   per Vlado

Photo Credit: per Vlado

She brought her eyes to his and smiled when she saw the heat she felt there. Mutual lust was a beautiful thing. In those seconds what she wanted, no…needed to do became clear. Lily pulled her bottom lip between her teeth. This was a bad decision. Her plan could backfire in an uncomfortably spectacular way. Yet, Lily had learned years ago that there were times bad decisions needed to be embraced. She allowed her gaze to roam from his brown eyes to his body. It’d been at least five years since she’d last seen him and, boy, had he grown up well. Her smile widened. Garret was a bad decision she’d been dying to make. He stood with his back against the wall and arms folded in front of him. Despite herself, Lily grinned. Garret wasn’t going to make this easy for her. Her heels clicked against the marble tiled floor as she walked towards him becoming blasts of a foghorn in the tense silence between them. Five steps in, she stood abruptly three feet away from him and mentally patted herself on the back when confusion crossed his features. She eyed his lean muscle as he unfolded his arms and pushed himself up off the wall. Garret reminded her, as always, of a panther on the prowl. Lily took a deep breath. It was now or never. So, instead of thinking of all the ways things could go wrong, Lily forced her feet forward. When she was close enough to touch him, she cocked her head to the side before she reached for the zipper of her red dress.

“This is your chance to tell me stop,” she said softly. He said nothing as the zipper came down. He said nothing when she reached for the hem and pulled the dress over her head. He said nothing when, with shaking hands; she let it fall to the floor. Garret reached out and grasped her nipple between his fingers. Lily moaned in her throat.

“Silly Lily is all grown up,” he whispered. His breathy, gruff voice hit spots she didn’t know existed. She couldn’t even find the strength to be annoyed by the stupid nickname he’d given her when she was twelve.

“This is your chance to tell me stop,” he said mimicking her earlier words.

“Stop,” she said. And then she reached for his pants, “Remember that time I broke your Gameboy and you couldn’t stop telling me how much I sucked?”

He took a sharp intake of breath when she wrapped her fingers around his hardened length.

“Is this really the time for a trip down memory lane?” he asked with a small smile. Lily ignored the tightening in her nipples and the ache deep within her. She stroked him, “Do you remember?”

He nodded, “Yes I may have been a harsh but I’d saved all year for that game. You did suck for ruining it.”

“It was accident. I didn’t suck… well, not then at least,” she said with a smile. “Now I do. Expertly.”

“Oh fuck,” he whispered in such a bemused tone Lily couldn’t help laughing. When she was finally able to find her voice she said, “Yes, Garret, I’ve waited twenty years to do just that.”

She brought her lips to his drinking in the promises of tangled, sweaty limbs and Garret inside her. Yes, Garret was going to be the best bad decision she ever made.

© Rilzy Adams, 2015