Slow Motion

Song Pairing: Slow Motion - Trey Songz 

Have a listen to the song while reading to enhance the experience!! 


Toya took a sip of her Tequila Sunrise and smiled when she realized the bartender was true to his word when he promised to make it a ‘strong one’.

God knew she needed it.  

Photo Credit:  per Boaz Yiftach.

Photo Credit: per Boaz Yiftach.

She’d promised herself she wouldn’t drink too much that weekend since she had a desk filled with manuscripts needing to be edited when she got home. She was going well on that promise too. Then, he walked in.

Jonathan Walker looked better than he had any right to. She was hoping that the six years that passed since they all went their separate ways would’ve been rough on him. She’d been anticipating a beer belly, a receding hairline and a complete loss of the confidence he used to carry like a second skin. Fate wasn’t so kind. Jonathan somehow seemed to look better than he did at twenty-one when she hopped on a LIAT flight to St. Lucia and he boarded a Caribbean Airlines flight back to Jamaica, taking her heart with him.

Toya took a larger sip of her drink. She wasn’t being completely fair. Jonathan didn’t have a clue she’d fallen head over ass for him all those years ago. And then, the one time when in an alcohol induced haze she sling-shotted herself at him, he’d politely disentangled her legs from his waist and advised she got some coffee.

Shame washed over Toya as she put the tequila laden drink to the side. Maybe drinking wasn’t the best idea. Yet, she found herself reaching for the glass when Jonathan caught her eyes across the room, smiled and began heading in her direction. She eased back against the bar desperate for something to keep her upright. Jonathan left her a boy but goddamn he was stalking towards her a man. His lanky body had filled out with muscles that had her imagining what his arms would look like as he propped himself up while she lay under…

Toya shook away the errant thought. There was no way she was going there. It didn’t matter that his smooth, dark skin begged her to run her hands over it or perhaps take a bite to see if he tasted as good as he looked.


She shook away her fantasies and firmly tucked them in the corner of her mind before she looked up at him and smiled. She hoped like hell it didn’t look as brittle as it felt on her lips. She’d barely gotten a greeting out when he embraced her. She sighed at the impact of his hard body. Jonathan did more at the gym than work his arms.

“How things?” he asked. Toya smiled. That she could do. Banal conversation was right up her alley. She told him about working for the Caribbean imprint of a popular publishing house and how she was getting the most out of her English lit degree. He, in turn, told her about his Masters and the small engineering firm where he’d been working for the last three years. In fifteen minutes Toya knew everything about the last six years of Jonathan’s life except the one thing she wanted, no, needed to know.

“Any kids?” she blurted out before she could filter her thoughts. He surprised her by grinning and she wanted to smack him. His teeth were white and straight and he had dimples that should come with a warning sign. Her stomach did flip flops.

“No kids. No wives. No girlfriends either.”

Well that answered it. She looked away from him trying to focus on the strains of Trey Songz singing about doing something or the other in slow motion.


“Nope, just me.”


The flip flops in her stomach turned into tap dancing when he flashed her another dazzling smile while her mind tried to process his comeback.

“Do you remember that time when you got drunk at Taboo and tried to make out with me?”

She heard the humour in his voice and wanted the floor to open and swallow her. Instead, she straightened her back and feigned ignorance about the most embarrassing moment of her three year University life in Barbados.

“You were so drunk,” he said softly. Toya stopped short of rolling her eyes. Not as drunk as you think.

Silence stretched for several moments before he asked, “How many of those have you had?”

He nodded to her cocktail.

“This is my first,” she said. “Why?”

“Pretty sober huh?” he asked.

She rolled her eyes not following the sudden shift in conversation, “Stone cold.”

“Good,” he whispered and Toya had a chance to process what was happening, he crashed his lips to hers.

© Rilzy Adams, 2015