Elevator: Part 1


11:10 AM





Raegan Parsons disliked elevators almost as much as she hated the man standing next to her. Almost. She’d never been a fan of being stuck in small spaces and usually avoided elevators whenever possible but today she’d realized that her five-inch heels couldn’t withstand one floor much less fifty. Glaring at Theodore Thomas, Raegan wished she taken her chances with the stairs. Sharing airspace with the annoying, vapid, job-thieving asshole was more painful than blistered feet.

“Fixing me with your death glare won’t make the lift go much faster,” Theo chuckled. “I’d suggest you chill out.”

After a brief pause he said, “If you can move that boulder shoved up your ass enough to make yourself comfortable.”

Raegan cocked her head to the side and fixed him with a look she hoped conveyed that she wouldn’t mind gutting him with the heels of her Louboutins and leaving him to bleed out on the floor. She glanced at the panel – three floors gone, forty-seven to go.

“You should just admit you like me,” Theo said. He took two steps closer to her so that their arms brushed.

“You think way too highly of yourself,” Raegan responded. “You’re not as impressive as you think.”

She flicked a gaze to his crotch and then brought her gaze back to his eyes. She saw annoyance flicker there. Raegan smiled.




   Photo Credit: www.freedigitalphotos.net


Photo Credit: www.freedigitalphotos.net

11:13 AM




Raegan gave new meaning to the term Ice Queen. Shit. He wouldn’t be surprised if the entire plot of Frozen was penned after a chance encounter with her. He watched her standing there. Despite it all, she really was a model of perfection. Her black curls were pulled into a bun so tight, Theo would’ve wondered if her head hurt except he knew her nerve endings wouldn’t dare defy her. Her black dress hugged her curves in a way that was incredibly sexual but perfectly modest. He ran his gaze from the top of her perfectly coiffed head, her understated make up down to the shoes she wore. The heels were so high, he wondered if she got them at Dominatrix-R-Us. He smiled at the thought of being tied to her bed.

“Are you finished ogling my body or do I really have to gut you?”

She smiled tightly but Theo didn’t doubt her sincerity. Despite her cool, calm persona he had an amazing knack of getting under her skin.

“That would be one way to get my job wouldn’t it?”

Her eyes narrowed.

“Oh? The position I was meant to have but you screwed your way into?”

Theo raised his hands, palms facing out, “I was just as much in the running for that account as you were.”

She raised an eyebrow, “Yea. So you screwed the boss just in case.”

He could’ve told her that Harriet wasn’t the person who signed off on the job in the first place. Or, he could’ve told her that Harriet actually voted in her favour. Instead he said, “I screwed the boss and she liked it.”

“Hard to imagine,” Raegan said. “It’s not like you have much raw materials to work with.”

He smiled lazily, “This is the second time you’ve made a reference to my manhood. Is that your way of asking for a peek?”

She started to respond when the lights flickered, the elevator shook and came to a crashing halt forcing her into his arms. He only had two seconds to think of how amazing she felt there before she regained her balanced, stepped back and glared at him so hard he had to suppress the urge to laugh. This was going to be fun.


© Rilzy Adams, 2014