Recommended Song Pairing: Bad - Wale feat Rihanna  

"Yes I’ll be good in bed but I’ll be bad for you…"

- Rihanna 

The music pulsed through her like blood.

Staci moved her hips to the beat in slow, steady circles with her bottom lip caught between her teeth. She caught his eye in the dimly lit room. He smiled at her. She smiled back without missing a beat in the rhythm. Her hips didn’t lie… but, as he’d soon find out, she did.

Within seconds he was crossing the distance between them. Staci almost rolled her eyes. The game had become too predictable, too easy. She might be crazy but she longed for the days when she had to work for it. But after a hundred years, if she still struggled to pull in bait, she’d be dead.

Photo Credit: per Stuart Miles

Photo Credit: per Stuart Miles

Staci leaned into the mystery man when his arms came around her waist. He tucked his chin into her collarbone and worked his palms up and down her abdomen as he moved behind her. She could feel his breath against her neck and smell the vodka on him. Did this man have a family? A job? What were his dreams? Staci ignored the nagging questions. He was collateral damage, a necessary casualty of the game.

“I’m Antonio,” he said.

Staci made an ambiguous sound in her throat. It didn’t matter what his name was. She didn’t bother giving him hers.

She spun into his embrace, “Do you want to go somewhere?”

“I’m parked out back,” he said with such eagerness Staci threw up a little in her mouth. She rewarded him with her sweetest smile, “Let’s go then.”

She started walking towards the club’s exit when he pulled her back.

“You’re not… a… you know?” he asked.

Her lips curved upwards, “What? You worried you might have to pay for this?”

He nodded.

“I don’t want your cash.”

He grinned widely, “Good.”

With a small shake of her head Staci led him to the door. In this century, as in the last, people placed an inordinate amount of emphasis on money. Stupid twats. Some things were so much more important.

He was kissing her before they made it to the car. She moaned in her throat when he brought his lips to her neck. Staci eased backwards and parted her legs showing him, with a sly smile, that she’d left her panties at home. Antonio grinned before slipping his hands between her legs.

“I’m going to be bad for you,” Staci whispered allowing herself to enjoy the electric shocks his touch sent through her body. She supposed sex wasn’t a bad thing to need to stay alive.

Antonio pushed his fingers deeper into her, “Be as bad as you want.”

She smiled. Silly man. This was going to be the most expensive fuck he ever had.

It wouldn’t cost him a dime but it was going to cost him his life.


© Rilzy Adams, 2014