It was the perfect deception. 

When Emerson Crane wins a 12-night all expense paid Caribbean cruise with her made up boyfriend, finding a stand-in with the same name seems to be an error proof solution. But can Emmy's heart withstand the sweet, sexy man pretending to be hers? 

Jonathan Smith believed that the use of his birth certificate and smiling for a couple of photos in a return for a luxury Caribbean cruise was the bargain of a lifetime. But, was losing his heart hidden in the fine print? 

What happens when the line between reality and pretend washes away with the ocean waves? 

Sail With Me
Unexpected Lovers: Book 1



Love Bites is a collection of romantic short stories geared at those needing a quick shot of love! From the sweet to the saucy to the bittersweet - Love Bites is sure to have a story which fits your taste in love.


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When Maya’s best friend, Charlotte, asks her to be her surrogate, she reluctantly agrees. Although pregnancy and motherhood were things Maya didn’t plan to deal with for years, she was willing to sacrifice nine months of her time for her best friend’s happiness. 
Her world is turned inside out when Charlotte is murdered just as Maya gets confirmation of the IVF’s success. Now, Maya must raise the child she never intended to keep and preserve peace with Charlotte’s widower, Jaxon. 
Soon Maya finds that pregnancy and impending motherhood are the least of her worries. She must fight against the tenderness she’s begun to feel for her best friend’s husband and she must atone for the sin she desperately tries to keep hidden. 
Maya Jenkins killed her best friend.